The Seven Churches: Common Christian Pitfalls

In the first few chapters of Revelation Jesus has John write letters to the seven churches. It acknowledges the good they have done, but it also draws attention to the areas that need to change.

Since they were each addressed to specific churches of the day I didn’t belive they were applicable to me. But as I read this time, I realized that the same issues mentioned then are still applicable to the church today. The biblical number 7 represents holiness and perfection. Those letters weren’t written just for them. They were for the whole church for all time.

Each letter shows us a different Christian pitfall. These are the traps that we can fall into as Christian believers. They hinder our faith and our ability to share our hope in Jesus. By reading these letters we can hold a mirror up to ourselves and ask which church we belong to.

I will be writing about each church individually. When you find the church that applies to you, listen to Jesus’ words as though they are spoken directly to you.

1st Church (Ephesus): Judgemental

2nd Church (Smyrna): Persecution

3rd Church (Pergamum): Compromised Faith

4th Church (Thyatira): Deceived

5th Church (Sardis): Authenticity

6th Church (Philadelphia): Weariness

7th Church (Laodicea): Complacency

Jesus knows our hearts and our failings, but he died for us anyway. Use this as an opportunity to honestly evaluate yourself and your walk with Jesus. What areas in your life need to be changed?

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